Book Bag

Our Approach

To produce an eco-friendly, durable, sustainable, contemporary, cost-effective book bag for primary school children and other products to recycle and upcycle the maximum, amount of waste neoprene.

Our Story

Seal Book Bags is a social enterprise that aims to reuse a non-recyclable material into usable, durable products and a primary school resource. All materials used in our manufacturing are 100% upcycled, even down to our zips and fasteners.  We pride ourselves on zero waste and even use scrap neoprene into usable compliments to our core product.

The Team

The team has worked incredibly well and we are proud of our professionalism and teamwork skills.  We are a group of 10 year 9 students at Newquay Tretherras, a secondary school.  The group meets twice a week for formal sessions and during lunch and breaks to make products.